Tetra Solutions Ltd.

Tetra Solutions Ltd. is a fast-growing start-up company specializing in the development of innovative, customized and comprehensive solutions rooted in client inquiry and highly engaged co-creation in four main spheres – research, technology, education and society.

Our mission is to incorporate these four domains into the so-called Knowledge Quad, so as to create synergies for investing in broader knowledge policies at the European, national and local levels.

We engage in knowledge co-creation through carrying out educational, socioeconomic and market research. We provide non-formal education and training to children, young people and adults making it accessible for all. We help Bulgarian business organizations to increase their competitiveness, efficiency, innovation and production capacity by providing guidance and consultation on existing investment opportunities. We advocate for socially important topics, such as digital and green transformation, protection of human rights and freedoms, social inclusion and integration, as well as active citizenship.

For more information about our activities and initiatives please visit our website: www.tetra-solutions.eu.