The “Cities Network for Sustainable Development and Circular Economy” with the distinctive title “SUSTAINABLE CITY” was founded in 2017. The founding members of the network consisted of 30 Municipalities from Greece and Cyprus, the National Technical University of Athens, the Maniatakeion Foundation, and the Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development of Cyprus. SUSTAINABLE CITY currently counts more than 70 Members while the network is constantly being expanded.

The main purpose of the Network is to support the Municipalities to successfully submit proposals for receiving funding from European Programs and to implement and complete the respective EU-funded projects. SUSTAINABLE CITY fills the lack of know-how in the fields of proposal preparation and project management and at the same time develops a Network of cooperation and coordinates all the actions required by such programs.

All proposals and projects lie within the fields of Sustainable Development, Sustainability, Environmental Protection, Circular Economy, and Smart Energy Management.

At the same time, SUSTAINABLE CITY supports its members by carrying out studies and participating in the design and implementation phase of development projects, in almost every field, while it coordinates a large group of specialized engineers, scientists, and academic researchers based on the requirements and projects’ specific conditions.

SUSTAINABLE CITY is considered an important supporter of the development and extroversion of its members, and for the Municipalities in general as well, and has the competency management for performing studies and managing projects, from the initiation up to the implantation phase, certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.