Start Development Foundation / Start Fejlesztő Alapítvány

The aim of the Foundation is to support the development of children, juveniles, adults and persons disadvantaged from the point of view of the labor market, to provide, train and employ the services necessary for the establishment of independent living, in compliance with the requirement of party neutrality.

Main activities:

–          Training, retraining, adult training, operation of a training institution.

–          Development of teaching materials and training methodology. Implementation of development projects with other organizations in consortium.

–          Development and provision of non-formal training methodology and interface, e.g. e-learning, blended learning, development of educational applications, training, coaching, mentoring.

–          Career choice, career orientation.

–          Research activity.

–          Talent management, creative management.

–          Organizing and conducting trainings.

–          Organizing and conducting lectures, workshops, conferences and other programs.

–          Formation of an environmentally conscious approach to life, including sensitization and training related to sustainability and responsible animal husbandry.

–          International activities: international economic, legal, cultural, friendly and exchange relations, cross-border cooperation. Cooperation with NGOs working in similar fields.

–          Running a voluntary activity.