St-Martin Neuropsychiatric Centre

The core business of St-Martin Neuropsychiatric Centre is to welcome and take care of people suffering from psychic difficulties. It offers, depending on the difficulties, short or long term treatment as day or night care. Dedicated units are involved in specific sets of treatment. The transdisciplinary teams also work with persons with specific needs e.g. : patients under compulsory care, patients with complex behavior problems.

Multidisciplinary teams have been working for many years to improve the Quality of care. Through specific activities, they are supporting a wide range of target audiences : substance addiction, person suffering from chronic psychosis, patient living with dual diagnosis, etc.

The Centre is located in a green and relaxing area next to the city of Namur in Belgium.

Founded in 1901, the Centre is turned towards the future. Open minded on the society, it listed its actions as a part of the Mental Health Care Reform. One main aim is to allow both patients and professionals to blossom in a respectful environment.