Small Scale wooden producer association

APKJ (Asosiasi Pengrajin Kayu Jepara) was established on December 23, 2008, and had become a formal entity on July 10, 2009, as an association of wood-based furniture producers in Jepara, APKJ’s vision is to empower the potential of furniture maker and wood carvers to become self-sufficient and competitive in global markets to establish the partnership among the furniture producers and woodcarvers to improve their wellbeing, and to develop Jepara as a place for high quality and unique furniture and woodcarving products, APKJ’s Mission is to increase the bargaining power of the furniture producers, create the healthy and fair market, facilitate access to capital, shorten the distribution chains, become communication hubs for the producers and build broader access for the markets. As of November 2018, APKJ just has 125 members, there are five board of directors, seven department coordinators, and one executive officer.