REYKJAVÍK ENSEMBLE International Theatre Company

REYKJAVÍK ENSEMBLE is founded and artistically directed by Pálína Jónsdóttir, theatre and opera director together with her collaborator Ewa Marcinek, project manager and writer. In September 2019 they established a new entity within the Icelandic theater scene, a theatrical platform enabling artistic participation of professional artists of all languages and backgrounds, who are often marginalized in the cultural sector and hence absent from the current Icelandic theatre reality. 

For their projects during the initial theatrical year 2019-2020 Reykjavík Ensemble affiliated over sixty artists living and working in Iceland, representing different languages and cultural backgrounds. Noticed by media and critics, the company has been honoured with a title of The Art Group of Reykjavik City 2020 and nominated to Gríman – Icelandic Performing Arts Awards as The Newcomer of 2020.

The company’s work is aimed at creating a theatre platform for collaboration of international and Icelandic artists, promoting and bringing the voices of those who otherwise would be marginalized in the Icelandic society. 

In the upcoming years we plan to produce theatre productions and theatre events, develop international collaboration and the educational branch of the company, facilitate creative incubator projects: laboratories, residence programs, workshops for professionals, stage readings, open auditions, workshops, and lectures.