PROMPT-H Information Technology Educational, Trade and Service Ltd.

was established in 1989 by university lecturers with decades of teaching and research experience, for the development and distribution of software and hardware products and computer science education.

The company has two main divisions: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Education. The main profile of the ICT Department covers developments of unique SW-HW solutions based on own system design, dynamic web-based solutions and mobile applications, digital security camera systems. The R&D activities play important role in both divisions.

Main R&D areas are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (sensor-based IoT solutions in the field of agriculture 4.0, industry 4.0, telecare and home security and controlling and automatization systems).

The Educational Department delivers ICT trainings for adults (for in-service teachers, unemployed people, older adults), develops curriculums and digital learning contents (interactive multimedia, video tutorials, 3D games), delivers multilingual eLearning platforms and Content Management Systems with integrated web 2.0 tools for online collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing.

Research areas of the Educational Department are Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL), new learning/teaching paradigm of the information society, concept of Open Educational Resources (OERs), networked learning, game-based learning, educational use of social media.

Since 2010 Prompt takes part and coordinates national and European has been performing projects ( ) with success: in 2019 it received the Award for Excellence issued by the Hungarian National Agency for Erasmus+ Programme, Tempus Foundation.