ODAS GLOBAL CONSULTING is a business advisory, whose activities focus on EU Funding, Corporate Finance, Investment strategy, Economic Consulting, Strategic Communications, and Technology services.
The company was founded in 2003 and since then has been dynamically evolving by offering a wide range of services, we offer our clients both public affairs and strategic communications advice and implementation as well as a strong global platform and complementary financial and corporate communications services.
Our team works across a wide range of sectors and cross sectorial issues. These include financial services, energy & environment, technology & telecommunications, competition, trade, health, petrochemicals, life sciences, consumer goods and cyber-security etc.
Our clients receive strategic advice and ‘hands-on’ implementation from a diverse group of experts. They are backed up by a strong multinational and multilingual team – this ‘melting pot’ of cultures and expertise is one of our strengths in finding solutions and generating ideas.