Multidisziplinäres Institut für Europa-Forschung Graz

The Multidisciplinary European Research Institute Graz (MERIG,, founded in 2003, links researchers and institutions from diverse areas in order to pursue and support common research, development, intermediation and education activities. MERIG is a small organisation, organised as a non-profit association (NPO) of researchers funded by private and public research contracts and projects. Main fields of interest are education and training systems in Europe, new and innovative forms of learning and in particular vocational education and training. A specific focus lies on the improvement of education in general and specifically of entrepreneurship, management and soft skills. Another main work area is evaluation research and applied quality management and evaluation of education processes and projects.

Members of the Multidisciplinary European Research Institute Graz have extensive experience in educational research and practice as well as in evaluating applications, projects and products in a multitude of different projects and programme lines including acting as evaluators for regional and national agencies and on European level for European Commission agencies.