Modern Education Foundation

The Modern Education Foundation is a non-governmental organization registered and situated in Sofia, Bulgaria. It has been founded in 2019 by professionals with long term experience and excellent expertise in different research projects financed by a variety of international programmes (Erasmus+, European Structural Funds, Financial Mechanism of EEA, Norwegian Program, Swiss-Bulgarian Cooperation Program, etc.): studies and impact assessments of different educational and youth models, policies and projects, design of curricula for VET,  training and educational programs for students, young people, pedagogical specialists and business representatives, introducing work-based learning, disseminating and up-scaling project results.

We have partnerships with different national and international organizations, state and EU authorities, employers’ and branch associations, trade unions, big companies and SMEs, universities and VET schools.

The Foundation is ready to collaborate with different organizations as partners implementing projects in the field of VET, apprenticeships, career guidance and orientation, university education, students exchanges, research studies, training of education and business professionals.