Innovative and Entrepreneur Society Assocation

Founded in 2018, our association is a non-governmental organization which supports people at all ages, notably innovative and entrepreneur youth. We have a wide range of education from “entrepreneurship” to “media literacy”, which has brought a new view to every level of education with an innovative approach, education for health, cultural and intersocietal “peace”, approaches to 21st century skills, robotic systems, industry 4.0 and 3D printers. We search for solutions to the different problems that young people face in a collective and innovative way. We also organize activities for people with different age groups. We help them with local and international projects for our society’s development. The main scope of our activities includes developing local and international projects on enlightening people who are in formal and non-formal education, human rights, personal development, social inclusion, unemployed youth, sports, disadvantageous people and areas; cultural heritage, young entrepreneurship, environment, rural and agricultural development, voluntary actions, new technologies, difficulties in education, health problems, cultural differences, and finding solutions for youth with socio-economical and geographical obstacles. We are an organization which creates opportunities for those who want to improve themselves personally and professionally.

Our quality policiy:  Cooperating with NGOs at national and international level and developing organizational capacity
 Increasing productivity in activity fields by doing joint work with NGOs and companies
 Developing projects in different sectors for decreasing the rate of unemployment
 Building sustainable partnerships and network at local, national and international levels
 Promoting healthy life an d welfare by organizing activities and exercises
 Counselor support for making organizations, projects, coaching education
 Offering opportunities for supporting self development and international mobility of young people
 Cooperating for cultural and intercu ltural re enforcement
 Promoting European values like human rights, equality and democracy
 Building local and international cooperation for educational events about business and
Our values:  We care about being innovative and entrepreneur
 We respect cultural values
 We care about quality
 We are open for improvement, we think innovative
 We are sensitive to the social problem

In spite of being a newly-established association, our members compose of personally and proffesionally well-qualified instructors. Especially the founding members stand out with their strong backgrounds and experiences. Here are some of the national and international projects and activities that our founding members have coordinated so far.

-Erasmus+ :









Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) :

115B527 number 4007 Science fair project

118B184 number 4005 Innovative education implementation project

Local Development Agency :

TR62-17-TD-0015 Technical support project