Innovation Training Center

Innovation Training Center (ITC) is a training and consultancy organization based in Palma de Mallorca (ES) who offers a wide range of services regarding innovative materials and services (R+D+I approach) to promote innovation in learning, entrepreneurship and support to training and education organisations.

We are based in PARC BIT (ParcBit, Parc Balear d’innovació tecnològica, a specific park to promote innovation and training in ICT for Young people, adults, companies and SMEs. Our consolidation and experience have allowed us to create our own R & D department for the development and implementation of our own technological projects. Our interdisciplinary team of experts has participated and managed a wide range of R & D projects and has built an intensive networking experience with various private and public organisations: governmental institutions, technology centers and public research organizations at local, regional, national, European and international level.

We count on a team of middle-aged and senior workers very motivated and full of innovative and creative ideas that may not only provide good deliverables but also their enthusiasm towards the sustainability and the further exploitation of the project results.