Innovation Group Services

Innovation Group Services (IGS) is a company specialized in e-learning solutions and digital training resources. We offer our services for more than 10 years. By using latest technologies and alternative methods we have reached excellent results. Recipients are able to acquire new skills and knowledge much easier and faster. IGS provides custom e-learning, micro-e-learning, mobile e-learning and blended learning solutions depending on business needs of the customer.

IGS aims to find prompt and effective digital solutions, based on the exact needs of the industry. As a company which is specialized in developing digital learning solutions, we explore both: how the technologies affect the customer behaviors and how users could be even more involved in the business development process by possessing appropriate level of knowledge and skills.

Our previous experience is with variety of companies and organizations which require regular training, online courses and different studies conducted:

  • In 2014 IGS has participate in big Cultural Heritage project in Yambol Municipality being responsible for the Bluetooth Marketing realization
  • Company’s previous experience is also related to multiple Bluetooth Marketing campaigns offering variety of e-learning solutions.
  • In 2015 IGS was part of National Theatre project in Sofia by organizing a big research on 5 different topics related to Cultural Develop in the capital and the outcome for the beneficial organization
  • In 2018 Technical University of Sofia ordered a research about in-demand jobs and courses of the future. IGS organized a digital research among Technical University students with big success.