Fundacja Małopolska Izba Samorządowa

MIS Foundation (The Małopolska Chamber of Local Government Foundation) was created in 2015 by a group of professors from two Krakow universities-the Jagiellonian University and the University of Economics – outstanding specialists in the field of law, management and public finance.

Our MISSION is DIALOGUE, PROFESSIONALISM AND DEVELOPMENT, primarily in the area of education of members of local communities, mainly adults, and the professionalization of social services serving to improve the quality of life of residents of local communities.

We implement educational and social projects to develop and improve the competences of individuals and groups, public and business organizations important from the point of view of development challenges, based on the concept of lifelong learning.

The Foundation works in two areas:

(1) ADULT and VET EDUCATION, including the creation and use of educational tools based on, inter alia, modern methods, dedicated to adults and workers/organisations, in non-formal and informal forms education;

(2) SOCIAL ISSUES AND SERVICES for individual and group of people, including seniors, families at risk of poverty or social exclusion, experiencing multiple exclusions, people with disabilities, social assistance, people at risk of poverty or exclusion social.

In cooperation with public, social and business partners, we implements model solutions in education, management, the area of social services, as well as a new approach to the provision of services to various social groups.

One of the initiative is the “Local Knowledge and Education Centers for Adult” (LOWE Centre), that are established by a local government unit or association and used school’s infrastructure (organisational, technical and human resources (teachers, trainers, educators) for the implementation tasks related to activating adults through non-formal and informal education, in combination with a wider activation of local communities (as a “THE THIRD PLACE” idea). MIS Foundation created 35 LOWE Centres in small local comunites in the 12 Polish regions.

The Foundation is accredited by the Erasmus+ Program Action 1 Adult Education Sector (mobility projects).