European Initiative for Education


The “Europäische Bildungsinitiative” EBI – (in English European Initiative for Education, EIE) – is a Private Non-Profit Education and Training Association located in Wiener Neustadt/Austria. EBI’s mission is to endorse an innovative approach to education, training and culture. Target groups are adult learners as well teachers/trainers in School Education.

The three departments of the EBI are

  1. a training unit,
  2. a technical unit
  3. a special research department.

Scope of work

Training: The association offers courses for adults as well as for teachers and trainers (in all fields of education). EBI is involved in Youth work as well (providing trainings for Youth trainers).

Technics: The technical unit develops multimedia-based and interactive (MM&I) training contend based to an active learning approach. This covers the development of MM&I assessments as well as the structuring of game-based learning units or trainings.

Research: EBI is a research institute as well. Research focuses on innovative teaching and training methods (TET = Technology enabled Teaching/Training, Blended Learning, Flipped Learning 3.0). Papers are regularly submitted (by Peter Mazohl and Harald Makl) on international conferences (see:

Areas of activity

School Education: Teacher’s training, development of teaching and training materials (focus on science teaching)

Adult Education: Trainer’s training, development of innovative training methods

VET: Trainings for C-VET, Development of multimedia-based training content

Higher Education: Implementation of high-quality multimedia-based and interactive training courses.

Number of paid/unpaid staff, learners

The EBI has a trainer pool of 5 trainers, an administration with 3 heads, administration staff and responsible people, and two researchers. All members of the association work voluntarily in the organization and get only paid for their specific teaching/training activities in courses or for their work done in the frame of projects.