E.N.F.A.P. Marche

ENFAP Marche is the VET training provider of the Trade Union UIL MARCHE, accredited by Marche Region. It has been working through the main funds, interprofessional, ministerial and European Social Funds for years. It has been drawing up independent projects and, in partnership, setting up networks with local businesses and with well known national and international stakeholders for years. It develops local apprenticeship paths and encourage enterprises to give a real training value and certified competences to their young workers.
From 2010 to 2017 ENFAP Marche carried out more than 600 training courses, including apprenticeship paths, qualifying about 12500 learners and becoming a leader of the regional market and carrying out courses on behalf of regional companies within the national context.

ENFAP Marche has an internal know-how and competences to monitor the needs analysis, the planning, the submitting plans for approval, the management of the relationship with RSU and Unions, the selection and management of professionals, the implementation of information and educational materials, the organization of classrooms and laboratories, innovative activities such as tutoring, mentoring and coaching; the whole management of the projects activities and final reports.
At the end of the projects, ENFAP Marche also provides follow up, accompanying measures, budget evaluation, certification of skills, guidance for the participants, control activities and monitoring.

ENFAP aim is to lead young people, workers and productive local system to success into the labor market and social integration.

Carrying out training planning, research projects, fundraising, consulting activities to expand the opportunities for learners, workers, businesses, entrepreneurs; supporting the policies of company reorganization in order to favour employment level; improving the quality of work, with special attention to the health and safety of workers.

ENFAP Marche has been working in Apprenticeship and further education of short term since 2001. In later years it covered growing segments within the vocational training, planning and fundraising, structuring on all funding channels. ENFAP has recently got the leadership within the Marche Region with the aim to support the vision, implement projects on behalf of regional companies at local, national and international level.

ENFAP is interested in vocational training considering it as an important step to success for young people, workers and the production system as well as indisputable and strategic lever driving the labour market.
ENFAP has expanded its commitment overtime to become a promoter of innovative business proposals for companies, such as e-commerce and to provide market data on evolution of labour dynamics, through the dissemination of results on the active policies of the labour market.
Thanks to the commitment towards the companies, ENFAP started partnerships with Technical and Vocational Schools within the regional and national territory over the time.