CCS Digital Education

CCS Digital Education (CCSDE) was founded in 2013 with the mission propel the teachinglearning process into a new era, increasing its effectiveness through the use of ICT.
The company offers to its clients integrated solutions and services with high added value,
from conceptualization, the design of content visualization (storyboarding) and the
development of applications to consulting services for the exploitation of digital media
(digital marketing) and the design of targeted marketing campaigns for customer’s
applications. Moreover, the company provides both the educational and methodological
editing of the software applications it develops.

A key activity of CCSDE is the development of truly interactive and highly effective
educational software that captivates learners of all ages. In particular CCSDE specializes in:
• Instructional design and storyboarding.
• Development of cross-platform interactive applications (web, desktop, iOS/Android);
• Interactive whiteboard software;
• SCORM / AICC compliant e-learning content suitable for use in e-learning environments;
• Serious games, educational games – edutainment applications.

CCSDE systematically researches developments in the field of educational gaming. Based
on the protocols developed by the Game Studies Network of the University of Wyoming, as
well as the Games4Learning initiative of the University of North Carolina, CCS educational
games offer plenty of opportunity for active learning through trial and error, and convey
knowledge in a pleasant and effective manner.

CCSDE is a leading provider of digital solutions and specialized services for communicating
knowledge and raising awareness in the most effective way.

With over 700 projects completed, CCSDE partners with more than 40 major international
organizations in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, China,
Singapore, Cyprus, Greece and the UAE.

Notable partnerships include:
• NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC LEARNING (UK, US, Poland, Greece, Singapore, China,
UAE) for the creation of digital educational content to accompany a large number of their
major language teaching titles.
• PEARSON EDUCATION (UK, US, Italy, Poland, Greece) for the development of large
numbers of learning objects for inclusion in their digital offering.
University of Leiden (department of ICT in Law) for the development of educational content
for safer Internet powered by Augmented Reality technology
• A major Bank in the UAE for the development of their induction e-learning program for
new employees in Arabic and English.
• VODAFONE Greece for the creation of an e-learning program for new employees, as well
as for the web-based educational game Netpolis.
• CCSDE is strategic partner for all innovative interactive training initiatives of “Coca-Cola
Hellenic – CCH”, one of the largest bottlers and vendors of The Coca-Cola Company’s
products in the world, and the largest based in Europe with a geographical range that stretches
from the Republic of Ireland to the eastern-most parts of Russia, and from Estonia to Nigeria,
28 markets in total. CCH / CCSDE projects include gamified learning activities for sales and
marketing staff, as well as development of specialized gamification features (narrative
structure, social connections, leaderboards, etc.)

Business Sectors
The business sectors the Company operates in are:
• Design and development of corporate training applications.
• Design and development of educational software applications for use by teachers and
students, educational content publishers and educational organisations.
• Integrated solutions and development services of educational apps and digital publications
(ePublishing, eBooks) for use by students and trainees on portable devices -iOS & Android
tablets and smartphones- for educational content publishers and educational organizations
and schools.
• Development of SCORM-compliant eLearning training materials for use in learning
management systems (LMS) for educational content publishers, educational institutions,
organizations and schools, training department of large companies etc.
• Design and development of educational games applications for educational content
publishers and educational organizations and schools. Design and development of serious
games applications for large organizations and enterprises.