bit schulungscenter

bit (= best in training) schulungscenter (= training center), founded in 1986, is one of the leading adult education providers in the area of vocational education, training and employability in Austria. Our clear strength is our experience and know-how in designing (didactics, methodology, instructional design) and carrying out projects for labour market relevant qualifications. We have substantial experience in working with different target groups and their educational needs, including young unemployed adults, through our regular activities which include:

  • design & implementation of active employment measures
  • training needs analysis
  • outplacement (job-placement) activities
  • proactive support for employment mediation
  • job & career guidance
  • youth employment
  • elderly learners (45+) assistance and integration
  • women re-entering the workforce
  • academics assistance
  • technical assistance & capacity building for NGOs and public authorities in the field of social inclusion and active labour market measures
  • blended learning architectures.

The bit schulungscenter has experience in carrying out projects that address a wide range of target groups. We have worked with students, vocational school students, adults, academics who want to further their education, job seekers, migrants, people returning to work, and also for managers and leading employees.. We also offer a wide range of in-house training courses and therefore have many very well trained trainers available.

Furthermore we have profound experience in performing activities as:

  • development of educational programs and curricula (pedagogy, methodology, didactics)
  • development of teaching materials
  • professional dealing with all tender formalisms and subsequent monitoring and reporting
  • selection and training of adult educators
  • project implementation (promoting the correct transfer of knowledge into practice, consultancy, training of project staff, coordination of all teaching activities, monitoring and launching corrective actions if necessary)
  • handling eventual project changes (personal settings, change of locations,…)