Association of Educational Programmes OpenEurope

The Association of Educational programmes OpenEurope is a not-for-profit organisation with the main office in Reus (Spain). It is an education and training centre offering learning opportunities to young people, youth workers, and adults and helping them participate in European programmes. It also aims at promoting citizens’ participation in social projects and programmes at a local level (cultural integration, volunteering, entrepreneurship).  All projects and initiatives of the organisation aim to involve educators, teachers, professors, students and the whole community in carrying on projects and programmes that seek a life-long learning process.

At this moment, the association includes more than 2.000 individual members, a network of primary/secondary schools and kindergartens, a network of 10 NGOs and a municipal group of 4 city councils.

OpenEurope offer trainings in different fields:

  • Language courses, including conversational classes for adults and educators, and preparation for Cambridge exams for young learners
  • Training on digital security for adult learners, parents, and school children
  • Cooking and dancing classes and personal growth workshops for learners of various ages.
  • Extracurricular activities of foreign languages, robotics, and coding for schools of the province
  • Community project development and management for public bodies: youth departments/centres of City Council of Reus, Tarragona, and Cambrils

OpenEurope has an Information and Communication Technologies department which creates educational platforms, online course, and websites.

Last year more than 650 persons participated in courses and training in the organisation and more than 250 persons participated in international mobilities.

It is the first and only qualified multiplier point in the province of Tarragona of the European network EURODESK. It is an information service about European programmes and initiatives in the fields of education, training, occupation, and youth. Being an official point allows us to have free access to the network information and share it with the youth, youth workers, and all the people who might be interested.

OpenEurope is the Town Hall’s International Mobility Service in Reus and Cambrils, providing information and guidance to all interested people and organising monthly presentations in the schools of the province

It carries out European Social funds programme, which consists of linguistic and intercultural preparation, vocational guidance followed by internships abroad. It is aimed at young people between 18 and 30 years old who are registered in the European initiative called Garantia Juvenil, and who are neither studying nor working. After the internship, OpenEurope supports young people in their labour insertion.

OpenEurope is a member of the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA), a European network whose purpose is to link and represent European organisations directly involved in adult learning.

OpenEurope is a member of “Plataforma per a l’Educació Mediàtica” an organism that aims at responding to the growing demand for training and education in the fast-changing field of communication, media literacy and online and audiovisual content. Formed by representatives of educational and legal entities, universities and research groups, teachers, companies, media associations, and professional groups interested in promoting media education, this network aims to improve the communicative skills of children, parents, and teachers, and citizens in general, to develop a critical approach to their digital and audiovisual consumption.