New Methodological Guide and Infographics Unveiled: Insights from Information Audit Revealed!

The team behind the TechGrow project has announced the release of a comprehensive methodological guide alongside a series of detailed infographics breaking down the results of an exhaustive information audit within the furniture, textile, and footwear sectors. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the field, providing professionals and businesses with an invaluable tool to understand and leverage their information resources to the fullest. The guide offers a step-by-step approach to conducting an effective audit, while the infographics provide a clear and concise visualization of key findings, including the identification of Critical Watch Factors and relevant sources of information.

An information audit serves as the foundation for an effective technology watch process, providing valuable insights and ensuring a strategic approach to harnessing technological advancements. With this new tool at their disposal, organizations are expected to start integrating it into their information management processes, thus laying the groundwork for implementing a systematic technology watch process.

The full guide and infographics in different languages can be accessed in the library section of this website.