New Course Launches: Exploring Twin Digital and Green Transition in Manufacturing Industry

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An innovative e-learning initiative designed to catalyse the transition towards more sustainable and digitally advanced practices in the manufacturing industry has been officially launched. Developed within the framework of the TwinRevolution project and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, this training course marks a significant milestone in professional training. It is particularly notable within traditional and manufacturing industries, with a special focus on the textile and furniture sectors.

This groundbreaking course is freely available to all learners and is meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding of twin digital and green transitions within manufacturing companies. By offering insights into both the principles and practical implementation strategies, the course ensures that participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to drive meaningful change in their respective industries.

The course is structured into four distinct training modules, each designed to address specific aspects of the transition process. It culminates in a final course assessment and has a total duration of 50 learning hours.

Key training modules include:

1.    Introduction to Twin Transition

Explore manufacturing hierarchy in furniture and textile industries. Learn supporting principles, recognize limits, identify necessary changes, and explain rationale for transformation towards sustainability.

2.    Circular Economy Applied in Manufacturing Industry

Embark on understanding the transition from linear to circular economies. Explore limits of linear economy, identify dimensions for change, and comprehend circular economy's role.

3.    Industry 4.0 Technologies in Manufacturing Industry

Explore Industry 4.0: understand concepts, technologies, and trends. Develop skills to identify relevant technologies and competences to analyse, compare, and select them effectively.

4.    Twin Green and Digital Transition

Explore green and digital transitions in manufacturing. Learn interconnections, industry 4.0 tech, and skills for circular and sustainable processes.

While all modules are freely available for study, learners must successfully complete all final assessments and the final course assessment to obtain a final certificate.

To access and register for the TwinRevolution e-learning course, please visit