Minding Media: A Project to Enhance Media Literacy in Children

We are excited to introduce you to Minding Media, a project that aims to improve the capacity of primary school teachers to engender in pupils the critical media and advertising literacy skills to safely navigate the digital world!

Why media literacy?

Children today are far more familiar with the digital world and are exposed early on to all the opportunities and risks it possesses. Media literacy is not just important, it’s critical. It’s going to make the difference between whether kids are a tool of the mass media or whether the mass media is a tool for kids to use.

What is Minding Media?

Our project responds to our common desire to increase the advertising literacy of children and wider society. By working collaboratively, we have built on our individual experiences of media literacy and combined several specialist expertise in digital pedagogy and gamification to develop a unique set of resources.

What are the resources?

4 custom Minecraft education worlds have been created specifically to support the delivery of Problem Based Learning challenges to enhance media literacy. The MINDING MEDIA worlds will provide the thematic environment in which all activities will take place.

We’ve also developed a really handy Teacher’s Toolkit which has all the resources you need to promote media literacy in school.

How can you join us?

If you are interested in learning more about Minding Media, please visit our website here where all of our resources can be found. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for updates and news. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing with you this exciting project!


The Minding Media Team