InterMedia – Unlock the Power of Multimedia and Interactive Learning Across Multiple Devices!

Are you ready to revolutionize education and training? Multiple devices have become the cornerstone of modern learning, enabling flexible and location-independent access to a wealth of multimedia-based and interactive materials. However, despite the technical capabilities of these devices, there is a significant gap in suitable learning content and a lack of trained educators who can leverage these tools effectively.

That’s where InterMedia comes in. Our groundbreaking project aims to bridge the divide between the potential of technology and its actual implementation in the field of education. We are here to empower educators and institutions with the knowledge and skills they need to create and utilize multimedia and interactive learning content, specifically tailored for multiple devices.

Our comprehensive approach involves exchanging experiences and developing digital skills within participating organizations. By fostering collaboration and shared expertise, we aim to unlock the full potential of multimedia learning materials. With a strong emphasis on the Erasmus+ program, we also strive to promote education and experiences for all citizens and generations, including seniors.

Key Features of InterMedia:

  1. Analyses of Multiple Device Usage: Through extensive research and analysis, we delve into the current landscape of multiple device usage in Adult Education courses. By understanding the challenges and opportunities, we pave the way for effective implementation.
  2. Tools for Interactive and Multimedia Content Creation: We explore a wide range of tools and technologies that facilitate the creation of interactive and multimedia-based content. >From industry-standard platforms like Moodle to innovative alternatives like WordPress, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for the most effective solutions.
  3. Platform Selection and Set Up: Based on thorough analysis, we guide participating organizations in selecting and setting up platforms that best support the creation and delivery of interactive and multimedia content. Our expertise ensures seamless integration and optimum performance.
  4. Community Building: We establish a vibrant community of adult education institutions that embrace multiple devices and leverage multimedia and interactive training materials. This network serves as a valuable resource for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and ongoing support.

Addressing the Needs of Adult Education

Many Adult Education Organizations lack experience in utilizing interactive and multimedia content, as well as harnessing the power of multiple devices. This creates a demand for qualified cooperation between organizations to bridge the gap. Additionally, our focus on seniors ensures that educational opportunities and experiential exchanges are accessible to all.

Target Groups

Our primary target groups include training organizations and individual trainers in Adult Education. By equipping these professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge, we empower them to deliver engaging and effective learning experiences. Additionally, we extend our reach to trainees in Adult Education and policymakers involved in shaping the future of adult education.

Join the InterMedia revolution and unlock the true potential of multimedia and interactive learning on multiple devices. Together, we can shape a future where education knows no boundaries.


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