Enhancing Multimedia and Interactive Learning Across Multiple Devices in Adult Education

InterMedia bridges the gap between technology and education by empowering educators to create interactive learning content for so-called Multiple Devices.

The project includes extensive research on the usage of Multiple Devices in Adult Education courses, identifying challenges and opportunities for effective implementation. InterMedia explores a wide range of tools and technologies for interactive and multimedia content creation, leaving no stone unturned in finding the most effective solutions. With thorough analysis, participating organizations are guided in selecting and setting up platforms that optimize the creation and delivery of interactive and multimedia content.

InterMedia targets training organizations, trainers, trainees, and policymakers, equipping them to deliver effective learning experiences.


Join the transformation from passive learning to active and technology-enabled learner-centered training to unlock the potential of multimedia and interactive learning!


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The attached PDF gives more detailed information. It also includes the links to the various project outcomes.


Contact: Peter Mazohl (info@intermedia-project.eu) for more information.

Web: https://www.intermedia-project.eu/


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