Digital Tracking of VET Graduates – A Strategy by the DITOGA project

The DITOGA partnership proudly presents the first intellectual output:

DITOGA VET Graduate Tracking Strategy

The main objective of the DITOGA project is to enhance the quality and sustainability of vocational and educational training programmes by collecting relevant data from VET graduates. This data will provide VET institutions with necessary information on the success but also on potential fields of improvement of their current programme contents and enable them to align their repertoire according to current needs in the labour market. This includes hard skills in various professions, knowledge, skills, and competences, but also soft skills and personal attitudes. To achieve these objectives, the DITOGA VET Graduate Tracking Strategy (IO1)is the first milestone of the project and therefore a core product.

On our website, you can download the full VET Graduate Tracking Strategy, the national and transnational reports that it is based on and a stand alone booklet of the Key Data Fields that have been developed and will be assessed in during the tracking process for free.

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