disABILITIES Beyond Limits – National workshops for developing scenarios

Within the transnational project ERASMUS+ “disABILITIES Beyond Limits – Empowering young women to build a better future”, the four partners from Romania, Spain and Greece implemented national workshops to build scenarios, as a practical way to solve problems in the community, together with young women with disabilities.

Thus, in Romania FAR and ACE-ES Romania organized 6 workshops, together with 31 young women with disabilities. In Spain, CESUR organized 3 workshops with 18 young women with disabilities. In Greece, NCDP organized 3 workshops.

The objective of the workshops is for the young women to identify problems they face in the community, then build their own scenarios as ways to solve these problems.

The scenarios are built to learn and find solutions, in the present. This is done by generating, testing and reformulating ideas about how things could be changed in the community, of which young women with disabilities are a part.

The young participants identified different problems, such as:

– Insufficient inclusive educational spaces

– Limited employment opportunities for women with disabilities

– Lack of inclusive events in the community

– High level of discrimination against women with disabilities

– Unused spaces for the benefit of the community, in a state of degradation

– Long time spent online

– Neighborhoods with poor waste collection.

The scenarios created are relevant learning experiences, of involvement in the community, in finding the most suitable solutions, the national workshops being practical contexts for active participation.

In the next period, until the end of March 2024, based on the activity of the national workshops, an online Compendium – “DisABILITIES Civic LAB” will be developed, which includes 12 scenarios and guidelines for practitioners in building scenarios, together with young people.

Project: https://disabilities-beyond-limits.ace-economiesociala.ro/