CREDinGREEN magazine published

"Next stop: final destination? How education can help tourism to achieve the European Green Deal goals"

The CREDinGREEN project team is happy and proud to present the CREDinGREEN policy paper, which is now officially published and available online and as a print magazine.

(Mass) tourism is often blamed for environmental pollution, the plundering of resources and the destruction of social structures as well as natural and cultural heritage. On the other hand, tourism plays an important psychosocial function for recreation and self-realisation for many people, and it is an important economic sector with high potential for regional development. In this policy paper, experts from all over Europe contribute their views on this issue, we introduce examples of good practice of green tourism (including 20 EU projects), emphasise the role of education and provide feedback to political decision-makers on how tourism can help to achieve the Green Deal goals.  A special feature within the magazine looks at the new educational tool of micro-credentials and the experiences we have had with its application.