Completion of the ERASMUS+ project: “disABILITIES beyond limits!””

"disABILITIES Beyond Limits - Empowering young women to build a better future" is a transnational project coordinated by the Federation for Accessibility of Romania (FAR).

 This project was implemented in partnership with three other organizations:
- Association of Consultants and Experts in Social Economy Romania (ACE-ES Romania);
- NCDP – Greece.

The project started on October 1, 2022, had a duration of 18 months and was developed with the support of the European Commission, through the Erasmus+ program, KA220-YOU - Strategic Partnerships for Youth.

Overall Objective:
To support increased capacity of partner organizations to create inclusive environments based on improvements and new approaches that empower young women with disabilities for civic engagement, participation and community contribution to manifest their full potential.

a) Inclusion Support Circles methodology for practitioners with two parts: one focused on face-to-face sessions; others on virtual sessions that include best practices and tools for online facilitation.
b) a virtual portfolio with 2 applied training modules: Leadership&Community and Problem Solving.
c) DISABILITIES Civic LAB: online compendium of 14 scenarios created by young women with disabilities themselves, together with practitioners, by practicing those transferable skills/leadership and problem solving.
d) 1 transnational training program: "Building Scenarios" + 3 national sessions (ToT) to transfer know-how to other experts working together with YWwD on various scenarios for more applicative and inclusive contexts.

The results can be accessed for free by any organization/person, on the project website: