The URB_ART project aims to support low-skilled adults in marginalized communities through activities and concepts of Urban Arts Education, that describes the interfaces of Urban Arts, Arts Education, and Urban Education.

Five organizations, from Austria, Iceland, Portugal, Slovenia, and the UK, joined forces to realize this European project in the frame of a Strategic Regio-Partnership within Erasmus+, funded by the European Commission.

By guiding sociological research, we plan to identify needs and challenges with regard to marginalization in the fields of culture and education on national and transnational levels. Based on our findings, we will create educational materials and training packages to support the inclusion of marginalized communities in urban arts programs and initiatives.

Our aim is to change the reality of those excluded from art and education by delivering recommendations for politicians and decision-makers working in the field of culture, education, and social affairs.

The project will run from March 2021 to February 2021. Among the main activities are:

  • Baseline Survey on transdisciplinary and multilingual Urban Arts Education

  • Compendium of storytelling resources through Urban Arts Education

  • In-Service training package on Urban Arts Education

  • Toolkit of video case studies on Community Urban Arts

  • Policy Paper with recommendations for decision-makers and policymakers in the field of culture, education, and social affairs.

  • Partner meetings, multiple national conferences, and a European symposium in Vienna