The Erasmus+ funded PERCEPTION project aims to provide young people (18-35 years old) with learning and volunteering opportunities in the civil protection or humanitarian sector, targeting mainly those who are unemployed/underemployed or university and/or college graduates. This experience in volunteering – preferably in disaster management or humanitarian aid – should make it clear that this could be a career opportunity.
PERCEPTION will create a new professional profile: “Evaluator and Facilitator on Emergency Planning (EFEP)”. A person trained as an EFEP works in local and corporate contexts and acts as a link between companies and public authorities, with a thorough knowledge of the application of disaster management plans and safety measures in companies/factories in risk areas. He or she will identify complementarities and synergies between the 2 levels (internal and external emergency planning/management) and facilitate their assessment and understanding through a participatory approach, which can support regeneration and reduce future disaster impacts.

To this end, the PERCEPTION project team will implement or develop the following:
-a curriculum for EFEP training that defines the transnational professional profile (competences, skills, knowledge and professional positioning).
-a training programme focusing on six competence areas: Emergency management planning, facilitation, social and environmental impact, strategic assessment, communication and entrepreneurship, application of work-based learning tools (role/simulation games, mentoring/learning approach, case studies, etc.)
-a summer school (a 10-day intensive programme in Italy) with the 60 participants of the pilot course. Participants will test and further explore in a real environment the acquired competences and skills: disruptive events, identification and assessment of impacts, from assessment to recovery/emergency management strategies, building their own career.