PART-Y is an Erasmus+ project that aims at triggering the participation of young people in civic life, by fostering their inclusion in policies’ decision-making processes and by promoting equal opportunities. It supports the UN Women campaign for Generation Equality and relies on and promotes its principles of equality and inclusion. 

The project research actions goals are: 

  • Strengthen youth involvement in European democratic life by promoting their right to the city and public spaces from the perspective of “generation equality” and social inclusion. 
  • Improve the innovation capacity in the activities proposed to young people and foster the internationalization of youth organizations in participating countries.

The project focuses the attention of girls, boys and educators on urban public spaces as fundamental places of gathering and democracy and as essential elements in their growth path.

The partnership, made by four associations, two youth centres and three municipalities throughout five countries, works through periodic teaching and learning moments to build the required skills to work with young girls, boys, and educators to rethink their relationship with and approaches to policy-making decision processes and urban public spaces. By working with groups of young girls and boys in the setting of two youth centres, one in Trieste (Italy) and one in Kopper (Slovenia), the project fosters moments of analysis of the urban public space from the perspective of youngsters and especially young girls, whose voices are often silenced or unheard. Then, the project proposes moments to co-design with young girls and boys two public spaces, one in Trieste and one in Kopper, using the methodologies of design thinking and placemaking and experimenting through a playful approach decision-making process that leads to an inclusive urban space.

This learning process (both for young people and youth workers), facilitated by project partners and external invited experts, results in two intellectual outputs: a Toolkit to build a communication campaign for a young and inclusive placemaking and a Learning Methodology of placemaking by design thinking.