The aim of the project “Exemplar – Young Migrant Integration Leaders” is to build a bridge between native and immigrant communities.

As a first step, the project team will develop training measures for adult education educators as well as for employees of organisations that provide local support to migrants in order to enable them to lead tailor-made integration training programmes. In the integration training programmes, young migrants are empowered to act as integration leaders within their migration communities.

In a second step, a curriculum for integration leaders will be developed, as well as a toolbox with resources that young members of the migrant communities can use. In this way, migrants will be helped to develop an increased appreciation of both their own cultural heritage and the heritage of their host country in Europe, thus creating greater social cohesion.

In detail, the EXEMPLAR project will develop the following intellectual outputs:
IO1 – a Integration Leaders training curriculum addressed to migrant youth that supports the acquisition of key civic and social competences essential to their new role as leaders of integration in their communities;
IO2 – a toolbox of 12 learning resources that support the acquisition of key civic and social competences to support the integration activities of the migrant youth who complete the Integration Leaders training;
IO3 – an in-service training programme for front-line adult and community educators and those working in migrant support organisations to assist them in delivering the Integration Leaders curriculum;
IO4 – a versatile e-learning portal that supports learning in a range of environments through readily available fixed and mobile media devices.