The world population is rapidly aging and the rates of chronic diseases are increasing. Current demographic developments and changes in Europe have led to increased interest in home care. As a result, more people will be dependent on care in the near future, increasing demand for home care will need to expand formal care services and increase spending. This situation creates some positive expectations in terms of recruitment opportunities in the sector too.

The main aim of the project is to empower the employability of low qualified and low skilled adults. This will be achieved through defining and assessing the required skills, competences, and developing tools. Through the use of methods, handbooks, a portal and curriculum this will provide those with low skills and qualifications the support needed to find and match a position with the right skills and competences in the home care sector.

To address these challenges the project consortium will create 3 main intellectual outputs:

  1. The SKILLS/COMPETENCES DETERMINATION HANDBOOK defining the basic and transversial competences required for employment in the home care sector, with a focus on learner-centered training approaches, as well as appropriate validation methodology of job seekers skills.
  2. A TRAINING CURRICULUM aimed at equipping adult trainers, career advisors, and employment agents, with the necessary material for them to be able to adequately guide and prepare job seekers for employment in the home care sector.
  3. A JOB-MATCHING PLATFORM which will connect job seekers and prospective employers, thus facilitating employment in the area.


The proposal has been developed and coordinated by Izmir Governorship,  and the consortium is composed of  Redefine – Associação Para A Investigação, Educação E Desenvolvimento (Portugal), WSBINOZ – Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu I Nauk O Zdrowiu (Poland), Bit Management Beratung GesmbH (Austria), Izmir Chamber of Commerce (Turkey), Menderes Municipality (Turkey).