The project aim is to implement activities to support the Slovak institutions in implementation of the Upskililng Pathways Recommendadtion, to adopt a national approach in basic skills development and develop tools for more effective support of low-skilled/low-qualified adults in Slovakia. The main project goal is to develop:
– the methodology for adults basic skills development,
– tools for skills assessment. of low-skilled adults.

This core goal is underpinned by other specific goals, mainly:
– to initiate discussion on adults basic skills development in Slovakia,
– to identify the main challenges and draft recommendations for policy makers,
– to analyse existing tools and create an information base for stakeholders and experts.

The project concortiom consists of:
– State Vocational Education Institute
– Centre for Labour, Social Affairs and Family SR
• European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA)
• Association of Adult Learning Institutions – AIVD (SK)
• Association for Career guidance and career development – ZKPRK (SK).
• European Basic Skills Network – associate partner
• Ministry of Education, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic – (SK)