Life on earth has evolved over 3.8 billion years into a model of sustainability. Nature recycles waste efficiently, uses renewable energy from the sun, is resilient to sudden changes, is adaptable over time to new conditions, and self-regulates through feedback loops. What if we could use the operating principles found in nature to rethink how we live as humans? To flourish without damaging the natural ecosystems we depend upon for our survival? That’s what biomimicry – learning from nature – is all about.

Nature-inspired learning takes us on a journey to discover the principles which make nature a model for sustainability. It offers an opportunity to explore how these principles can help tackle some of the greatest challenges facing humanity today, such as climate change and increasing levels of waste and pollution. And finally, empowers students to apply their new competences to create real solutions that work.

BioLearn aims to promote the integration of biomimicry in to formal education for students aged 12-16 years. 22 modules in 5 languages have been developed, which you can find on the project website (