Learning processes between the generations offer opportunities for the social inclusion of elderly people and the closing of the gap between young and old, which is becoming ever wider in today’s society. Seniors who have completed their working lives run a certain risk of what psychologists call “bore-out”: the feeling of no longer being needed that can suddenly take over and negatively influence one’s own actions and thoughts. These two aspects inspired the consortium of AGE:WISE to develop a project aimed at seniors in order to empower them to engage in intergenerational learning settings (IGL) – as a teacher.

“Learning with, from and about each other” and filling the ever-growing gap between Generation Z and seniors with the means of intergenerational learning (IGL) is the major vision of this project. To turn our vision into reality, the AGE:WISE project will realise the following results:

  • Research report on best-practice examples and learning needs of the elderly
  • Web-Platform with self-reflection tool and success-story videos
  • Trainer package: Curriculum for the “training-skills-course” for seniors & Guidelines for implementing IGL settings
  • Learning package for the “training-skills-course” for seniors

Through intergenerational learning settings, the scope of action for all members of society can be increased and greater social integration, respect and encounters at eye level can be achieved. AGE:WISE not only offers awareness-raising for the value of the knowledge and skills of seniors, but also concentrates on concrete implementation tips for IGL settings, that can contribute to a higher popularity of these non-conventional learning settings. Make adult trainers and adult education institutions multipliers for the results and visions of this project is a focal point of AGE:WISE.

Further information can be found on the project’s website: