Warnborough College

Warnborough College (WCI) was founded in 1997 in Ireland. The college specialises in the provision of vocational and educational programmes across a range of disciplines and academic levels. Our students attend from both within and without Europe. We use various methods of instruction, including face-to-face classes, online and blended learning. In particular, our on-line and distance learning courses have been very useful in targeting learners who are unable to avail of classroom-style learning for various reasons (e.g. prisoners, physically disabled). Having students from around the world means that we are au fait with language, learning and cultural differences which may impede successful learning. We have been able to design courses around special needs using different technologies. We have a support network of tutors, mentors, and even local face-to-face teachers to help students to learn. In terms of VET provision, Warnborough College has over 600 courses focusing on vocational and educational training in areas such as agriculture, business and management, entrepreneurial studies, horticulture, hospitality and tourism and environmental science. Outcomes for each course are practical in nature, with discrete outputs and skills. The College has 20 years of experience in transnational education, working with partner institutions and organisations around the world to develop and offer programmes to students from different backgrounds and locations, at all educational levels. We have worked with the Russian government on teacher-training projects. In the Middle East, we have collaborated with local institutions on blended and distance learning programmes. We have worked with universities in Thailand and the Philippines to create capacity-building and entrepreneurial programmes for women in rural areas. Our corporate training clients include Honda, Casio, Disneyland, MTR and EgyptAir. As a key player in the International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA), we have immediate access to expertise and people in VET sector around the world.