TREND-PRIMA, Institute for research and development of knowledge

Institute TREND-PRIMA Maribor is non-profit NGOs organization for research and development of knowledge , established on 17th October 2014.

Its  main activities are listed below:



  • research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities,
  • research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering,
  • integration and networking with experts from various scientific, artistic, cultural and educational fields,
  • design and implementation of scientific research programs relevant to promotion of social, economic, technological, scientific and cultural development,
  • conducting market research,
  • creating and designing web pages,
  • web application development and
  • other activities related to information technology and computer service.



  • education and training in the field of human resource development ,
  • support for statistical analyses and research,
  • preparation, management and implementation of project development, nature entrepreneurial projects, projects in tourism, culture and recreational facilities, projects for the development of  sports activities and projects in the field of employment and social and  education,
  • leadership and participation in EU projects in the field of education and training, promoting employment and social inclusion and
  • assistance in the preparation and management of projects and the acquisition of EU funds.



  • Our experts developed an innovative program ALAFIT for weight reduction, body contouring and healthy life style, a complete novelty in Slovenia. Our experts implement the program ALAFIT for all people.
  • We work for the common good of all people at the municipal level, we work with local communities and municipalities to create external fitness in city parks, homes, nursing homes, hotels, etc …
  • We develop a verieti of sport programs. In the Erasmus+ project “Never too late to get Fit!” we developed two different sets of workout programms for seniors
  • We organize sport events that are outdoor and indoor.

Institute TREND-PRIMA Maribor has experiences with projects in the frame of Erasmus+ Sport and other programmes, European Territorial Co-operation Programmes and other European centralised programmes in the field of education and training, sport, individual mobility and international partnerships between different organizations with the purpose of modernization and cooperation between education sphere, social institutions and labour market to support vulnerable groups (disabled, young persons with learning difficulties, minorities, women) in the fight for their rights and better life. TREND-PRIMA offer disadvantaged groups advanced and client oriented coaching for their better inclusion education, employment and society.


What are the activities and experience of your organisation?

Institute TREND-PRIMA main qualities are professional work, qualified and responsible staff, references, expertise, work experience and reliability.

We are a young, growing private institution for training, consulting, research and solutions in the field of human resources. We want to become active, modern and recognizable institution in such areas covering vulnerable groups.


The Institute TREND-PRIMA coordinated and collaborated in implementations of national and EU projects. We are trying to spread knowledge and with each challenge and each project employees themselves learn a lot. In most of projects we cooperated, we have been dealing with vulnerable groups. Through research and analysis of their problems, we have developed successful methods and measures with which we have helped to improve the situation of vulnerable groups. When implementing projects we have worked with many small businesses and individuals, whom we help to find the best solutions.

Institute is experienced in research and experimental development on different topic: sport education, social, economic, culture. etc. and networking experts from this fields. Design and implement programs relevant for promote social, economic, sport technological, scientific and cultural development.

Institute TREND PRIMA is experienced in activities for increasing employment possibilities for youth with sharing our developed models, tools and experiences for increasing youth employment and entrepreneurship and social economy. Institute TREND-PRIMA is offering mentoring and coaching activities for disadvantaged people, disabled, students with learning difficulties, school dropouts, first job seekers, Roma, migrants.

Our experts cooperated in many projects and programmes in which they developed tools and practices for improvement employment possibilities of vulnerable groups of youngsters, with learning difficulties, first job seekers, disabled, young mothers etc.). With the use of advanced methodologies/tools we improved their possibilities to get job, for example some of them are: Jobcircuit, My strengths – My possibilities, European outplacement framework, Near job, Charism passport. These examples included assessment and recognition of skills and qualifications of youngsters and using them in finding the best job possibilities. In these methodologies is cooperation with potential employers and mentors/tutors support very important.

Our mission is to contribute to more inclusive and open society for all. In our leading programs therefore deal with inclusion of socially excluded groups and with the stimulation of the NGO development and civil dialogue. Our activities are performed by experts and voluntary work. We promote the values of solidarity, tolerance, voluntarism, active living, clean environment, citizenship awareness and inter-cultural dialogue. With experience in education, youth, citizens, migrants, workers empowerment, international cooperation, entrepreneurship, professions in history, culture and art, unemployment, disadvantaged groups empowerment, training and other activities that serve the goals of your projects.


Institute TREND-PRIMA staff is experienced on social housing and culturally distinct architecture that is based on culture, work, life and ambitions of a distinct social group. For example we are researching spatial problems and potentials of Roma settlements in Slovenia. The main focus is on socially aware architecture that respects and nurtures Romani culture and specifics and in the same time integrates Roma settlements and its people in life of majority.


Institute TREND-PRIMA Maribor is currently in 4 projects:

  • 2 projects, Erasmus+, Collaborative Partnership in the field of Sport, partner in “Educational Laboratory” and “Sport and Diplomacy”, coordinator in “More than Sport – My Best Sport Day” and “Active Break”.


Institute TREND-PRIMA was involved in preparation the following  EU projects: Programme EU – COSME 2014-2020 – the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (MSP); Project mobility ERASMUS+ GRANT: “MAKE IT FUNNY! Communication and humoristic games, role playing and acting techniques to make your lessons, meetings and public speaking the most desirable!” and European Literacy and Citizenship – ELICITplus (Erasmus + Strategic Partnership),   prepare useful tools, methods and techniques of education the  educational program “train the  trainers” in the field of development of professional competencies of teachers and trainers.