Integration With A Twist

Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees are always confronted with the demands by their host society to integrate and to adapt to their way of life. In Austria, the so-called “course on values” has become an essential part of the integration process, besides the obligatory language courses to learn the German language. However, it does not always have to be a formal course in a classic classroom setting. The EU funded project “ENTRADA” brings some fresh wind into the educational landscape. By utilising a challenge-based approach, it offers three courses in three different difficulty levels each. In these courses, learners are encouraged to go on a quest online and research information on their own. This empowering technique strengthens the confidence of migrant learners and simultaneously introduces them to relevant topics such as social, economic and civic integration. The international ENTRADA project partnership offers these courses free of charge in a variety of languages: English, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish.

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