All E.N.T.E.R. Projects

EU funded projects coordinated by E.N.T.E.R.:

  • C-E.N.T.E.R. - Competence, Cooperation, Communication in the C-E.N.T.E.R. of Dissemination and Exploitation of EU Project Results (KA 4)
  • NewGen50+ - The new generation: 50+ (Grundtvig LP)
  • PESTO - Promotion and Networking of EU Projects on Sustainable Tourism (Leonardo ACM)
  • STAGE - Age on Stage (Grundtvig ACM)
  • TriLAMP - Transparency Instruments in Education and Labour Market Policy (Leonardo P)
  • YOURopa - Supporting the European Year of Citizenship by promoting EU projects dealing with concepts and ideas of Active European Citizenship (Grundtvig ACM)

EU funded projects that E.N.T.E.R. was or is currently involved in as project partner:


  • GREEEN - Green Environment Education European Network (Comenius NW)


  • In2sai - INcreasing young women participating in Science studies and in the Aeronautic Industry (Erasmus MP)

Leonardo da Vinci

  • - Building European Third Sector Capacities (Leonardo TOI)
  • Agronatur (Leonardo TOI)
  • CECE - Competent Entrepreneur, Competetive Employee (Leonardo TOI)
  • ELMI - Enhancing Labour Market Integration of elderly family carers through skills improving (Leonardo TOI)
  • e-TF - e-Tourism Framework (Leonardo TOI)
  • KEYCOACH - Coaching skills for VET tutors for developing soft skills, key horizontal competences and entrepreneurship skills in VET students (Leonardo TOI)
  • PROCERTU - Professionalisation and European Certification of Academic Tutors (Leonardo TOI)
  • TIWOLTE - Transfer of Integration of Workplace Learning in Vocational Teacher Education (Leonardo TOI)
  • VOLMANEL - Volunteer Manager eLearning (Leonardo TOI)
  • Y.U.S.S. - Addressing Youth Unemployment Through Soft Skills Coaching Programmes (Leonardo TOI)


  • CAMP 2.0 - Challenging Attractiveness of lifelong learning: web 2.0 tools for strengthening Marketing and Public relations competencies of adult education providers (Grundtvig MP)
  • CESSIT - Creativity and Entrepreneurship Seeds for Social Inclusion Trainers (Grundtvig GMP)
  • COMET - Communication for European Training Managers (Grundtvig GMP)
  • EUFOREX - Europeans, for example (Grundtvig GMP)
  • FinMan - Financial Management in European Projects (Grundtvig GMP)
  • KEMP - Keep employment by developing e-skills (Grundtvig GMP)
  • MEET Change - Motivating Elderly Employees for Training and Change (Grundtvig GMP)
  • MoLeYa - Motivating and Encouraging Young Adults to Learn (Grundtvig GMP)
  • PALADIN - Promoting Acitve Learning and Ageing of Disadvantage Seniors (Grundtvig GMP)

Key Activities

  • PINECL - Parent's Informal Networks for Early Childhood Learning (KA 3)


  • 100MIRRORS Extended - Tools for motivation of enterprising women - extended version
  • BRAMIR - Beyond Retirement - A Migrant Integration resource
  • Best Boss - Assessment Procedure for Micro and Small Sized Enterprises Successors in Tourism Industry
  • Boys Reading
  • ELIST - European Learning Innovation for Sustainable Training
  • ENTCOM - Entrepreneurship and Community Cooperatives
  • IMPRINT+ - Imprinting an ecological compensation reasoning on society by means of young citizens
  • INCREASE - Interdisciplinary competence development for youth workers in residential youth care and crisis intervention centres
  • NCNA - New Challenges, New Answers!
  • NEW-D - New didactical models for initial VET training of young disadvantaged persons to reduce drop out
  • ROTENA - Robotics for the New Age

Justice Programme

  • C You! - Communities preventing Youth Violence (Daphne III)
  • ReWIND - Rehabilitation way in new directions (Drugs)
  • WOM-POWER - Empowering women to fight against domestic violence through an integrated model of training, support and counseling (DAPHNE III)

7th Framework Programme

  • IMAILE - Innovative Methods for Award procedures of ICT learning in Europe with Pre-Commercial Procurement/PCP (FP7 Cooperation ICT PCP)