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June is still "Expert Month"at the E.N.T.E.R. network

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ELIST project

Multipliers in rural areas as chance to support entrepreneurship and sustainable development

ELIST4M is a group of European multipliers contributing to create positive impact on local development in a sustainable way

Boys reading Conference

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Split is organising the Transnational ‘Boys reading’ Conference to be held 03 June 2016, in Split, Croatia. The conference programme will ultimately include a variety of sessions covering topics that include Boys Reading, Educating Young Readers ...

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ENTCOM updates

The first outcomes of ENTCOM project are published!

Take a look at the final report on mapping and surveying!

ELIST Multiplier training in Lisbon - June 2016

Save the date for this unique training opportunity on how to be a professional multiplier for rural communities

20-24 June 2016

All practical exercices are directly linked with the newly developed products of ELIST project that will result in the organisation of real multiplier event in situ.