E.N.T.E.R. news

GREEEN Award: you still have time to win!

Extension of submission date for the 2nd GREEEN award - Take your chance and win!!!

The GREEEN network invites 14-19 year-old students to submit projects, concepts and ideas on engaging in climate action, key outcomes of your action and its success in meeting the climate change challenge locally.

IMPRINT+ project on its way

The first newsletter will give you first insights in the project activities and how you can participate and get involved. We are all leaving a footprint, let's make sure to be a print+!

IMPRINT+ will help young citizens learn how to estimate the ecological footprint of daily action and how to compensate, locally, for those impacts.

Let's get boys reading!

The Boys Reading Toolkit is the most important output of the Boys Reading project and comprises the findings of the research in all details as well as educational material ready to use in the classroom.

ELIST outcomes ready for use!

Don’t miss the opportunity to support your region by spreading the word about or directly implementing entrepreneurship training for rural development. After two years of European cooperation of ELIST project the ELIST Training programme and other outcomes are finished in their development, have been tested and evaluated and are ready for publication – Free download and Free online training access!

What do Youth Care Workers really need?

Working in residential youth care means a challenge to many different competences and knowledge categories. From social work, social pedagogy, psychological background, trauma pedagogy to medical and educational affairs workers and staff of residential youth care are required to provide knowledge and competences.