E.N.T.E.R. news

IMAILE awarded as most innovative European project

IMAILE received an award in the category “most innovative European Project” at the VII National Congress on Public Services and Innovation in Spain. We are proud to be part of the project team!

European Survey on Robotics and 3D Print Training offers

ROTENA project is conducting a European survey to study and determine the conditions under which robotics and 3D printing training flourishes within Europe and make recommendations as to what strategies training organisations need to adopt to encourage such training.

Imprint+ newsletter is out now!

Imprint+ presents current updates on the Imprint+ Web App, the research publication and the first training activities implemented in Lousada, Portugal.

The REWIND leaflet is online

The REWIND project is focused on the research of "best practices" and aims at developing a rehabilitation and reintegration program, targeting young offencers using drugs as there is growing evidence of the links between young people's drug use and offending behaviour.

NEW-D - Success of Final Conference

The final conference of the New-D project has been successfully realized in Graz/Austria!

On 27 September 2016 the final international conference of the New-D project was held in Graz/AT hosting not only a public of more than 100 participants, but also the New-D partnership coming form different European countries.