IMAP - Integrated Model of Active Participation

IMAP is a multidimensional and interdisciplinary model that benefits minor offenders who use or abuse drugs substances and addresses the different social and health experts involved in the process of rehabilitation and socio-educational inclusion. The purpose of this Rehabilitation and Re-integration Program

is to offer operational methodological tools for reflection and evaluation for interventions aimed at deviant and drug addicted minors, families and operators of the juvenile justice, of health and of welfare in order to prevent, treat and socially include these minors. This can be achieved through the implementation of an innovative multidisciplinary teamwork. 

IMAP is structured as follows:

  1. detection of the experts who will "take on" responsibility of the minor; building of the multidisciplinary teamwork; training; cooperation methodologies; operative aims
  2. multi-sector interventions (in each area)
  3. evaluation and feedback of the actions taken by the multidisciplinary teamwork  commonly during and after the implementation of the actions

The innovation of IMAP lies in the co-participation of the minor and his family in the teamwork in specific moments.

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