Improve your personal ecological footprint with IMPRINT+ APP

The Imprint+ App will convert actions that have negative impacts on the the planet into suggestions of activities that have positive impacts.Therefore, we use the IMPRINT+ Converter that is a tool specifically designed to help you to improve your personal ecological footprint by converting everyday actions into positive environmental actions.  

The web app was developed for desktops and mobile devices that will allow people to participate wherever they are.

The Imprint+ App provides different opportunities to learn, act, and connect in form of educational games and ecological competitions that can be used by everyone as separated tool or for group and classroom actions in combination with the training package and specific tutorials.

By interacting with the Imprint+ community you can earn points for different activities, such as:

  • If you took part in compensation actions you can use the option Compensate to describe the project and earn points.
  • If you identified a public area that needs intervention for ecological improvement you can use the option Report to launch a call for action and earn points. With interventions it is meant activities such as garbage picking, tree planting, setting up wildlife shelters etc.
  • In Activities you will find a visualised map providing an overview of all areas that need intervention and those where compensation actions already took place.
  • The Eco Ranking is the section where you will see your ranking according to your points in the IMPRINT+ project and discover who are the IMPRINT+ champions of each participating country!


Imprint+ App: