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SIDE Blended Learning Model: Pilot phase for Deaf Youth Empowerment

SIDE stands for "Supporting Innovative models for Deaf youth Empowerment" and the name reflects the programme of the Erasmus+ project. Based on a thorough transnational study...

Conference: Show your abilities - assessing professional competences

The assessment of professional competences of people arriving in Europe from other and third countries (as migrants, refugees or asylum seekers) is always a challenge especially if no certificates or other documents for specific competences or training programmes can be shown.

Personal Learning Environments for Education in the 21st Century

E.N.TE.R. is a proud member of the project group of the FP7 EU-Project IMAILE which has been working over the last years in the field of innovative procurement methods fostering research and innovation development in the field of education.

How to integrate young offenders with drug abuse background?

The REWIND project has presented innovative approaches and good practices in a final event in Graz.


Interdisciplinary Competences in residential youth work Final Conference

On the 27th and 28th of September the INCREASE project about interdisciplinary competences in residential youth work has implemented its final conference with great success.