EFFeCT newletter /April

EFFeCT newletter /April


This newsletter informs you about the EFFeCT project on collaborative teacher learning (CTL) and related actualities. In the second issue we introduce the main outcomes of the project and the fora where these products were introduced.

European Methodological Framework for Facilitating Teachers’ Collaborative Learning – EFFECT project aims to enhance opportunities for teachers’ collaborative learning (CTL) by promoting networking and professional collaboration between teachers and other educational stakeholders. The project intends to contribute to enhancing teachers’ competencies in order that they can provide better learning opportunities for all students.
The main objective of the International collaboration is to develop a European Methodological Framework to facilitate teachers' collaborative learning and to provide a guideline for policymakers and European stakeholders.

The partners published project results on the EFFeCT portal, which they regard as the Methodological Framework of CTL with the aim of providing theoretical background and practical tools for all professionals and practitioners engaged in collaborative teacher learning. The EFFeCT portal provides guidance for teachers, teacher trainers, school leaders, educational decision-makers and developers in the planning of professional development processes, and also provides the methodology and practical help for facilitating collaborative teacher learning with ideas, videos, handouts, tools and other sources of information.
The Guide for CTL is orientating audience on what this is about and who it is for, it helps by invoking 5 important questions: What is CTL? Why CTL is important? Who should be engaged in CTL? Where is this guide relevant? When? – Challenging issue of time and timing; it gives useful advice and ideas on the process and conditions of CTL, and information of the evaluation, impact of the process of CTL.
The Guide for Collaborative Teacher Learning can be read as an e-book on the EFFeCT website.

EFFeCT webinar and policy fora
The EFFeCT project aiming to promote the collaborative learning of teachers was completed on April 30 2018.
The consortium puts strong emphasis on promoting the main project outcomes, like the Guide for CTL, the Resource Pool, the Library and Glossary, which together form the Methodological Framework, and other project results by delivering the results to the widest range of stakeholders.

During dissemination two major activities have taken place both targeted at influencing European Level policy:

One is the international webinar held on April 25 2018 where 50 policy-makers took part on both national and EU level. The webinar summarised the project aims, the project approach, the different project phases which led to the development of the final Methodological Framework for Facilitating Teachers’ Collaborative Learning (MF). The audience had the chance to get to know the MF which is published in a well-structured e-book and the related contents from the Resource Pool and Library that provides practical guidance and tools for those who would like to engage in CTL. The audience also had the possibility to learn about the use of the new EFFeCT-portal, on which the project results are published. The webinar was successful and according to the participants’ evaluation it was useful as well. Just to quote 2 of it:

„As a teacher trainer I can borrow many ideas for my everyday work; I'll share information with my colleagues and encourage to visit project website to learn more about”
„I can already see new paths opening in my everyday practice.”

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