How it works



Projects are registered with key information, such as areas of activity and target group focus as well as the funding programme and start/end dates. A detailed description can also be given and the project's logo can be uploaded to make it more visually eye-catching on the website.

The Email Alert system, which is described in more detail below, can then disseminate information about your projects to other members with a professional interest in the areas you are working in. Searching for projects using the website is restricted to Two and Three Star members only.

  • Two Star members can register two projects a year
  • Three Star members can register an unlimited number of projects


Summarising your benefits:

  • actively inform other organisations about your EU funded projects
  • share new and innovative developments
  • increase awareness of how a project can be of wider benefit across Europe
  • make your project accessible through the network's project database even after your project is completed.

Email Alerts

Email Alerts

This central communication tool for members underpins the whole E.N.T.E.R. online platform. The Email Alert service is available for registered projects, products and events. The communication is filtered through a matching process according to your Email Alert profile and the target groups and activities selected by the sending members.


Sending Email Alerts

Two and Three Star members can inform other members about their registered projects, events, and products in a targeted way by specifying target groups and activities. Additionally Three Star members can send Email Alerts to registered EU Project Experts.

A maximum of 7 Email Alerts can be sent in any 7 day period

EU Project Experts (individuals and organisations) can communicate their professional European project expertise directly to members.


Downloading Email Alert Statistics Summary Report

You can obtain an Email Alert Statistics Summary Report in pdf format at any time through your member dashboard to evidence your Email Alerts. The report will contain the information you have communicated and the numbers of recipients (by country and type of organisation).


Receiving Email Alerts

All registered members, regardless of their membership level, can receive Email Alerts. Following completion of the membership registration process all Email Alerts from other network members will be sent to you. If you are interested in receiving further information you can contact the sending member directly by replying to the email.


Editing your Email Alert profile

You can refine the areas of activity and target groups you have selected within your member dashboard at any time. This will help you to ensure that the information flow is specific to your interests. The items you select are those that will be taken into account in the matching process.

Furthermore, you have the option to block members, projects products and events if you no longer wish to receive any information from or about them.


Summarising your benefits:

  • communicate actively with other members to tell them about your work
  • spread the word about your outcomes and activities to the right target audience
  • collate evidence of your dissemination actions for your reports to funding bodies
  • easily connect with members to find out more about their developments. - Market your Products!

Products can be described and their format specified, e.g a publication, online resource or App. The language it is produced in is then selected and a sample, such as the contents or an introduction, can be uploaded. You may wish to offer the product for free to others or there could be a cost involved. Just specify this and then inform E.N.T.E.R. members by sending an Email Alert with the key information and your contact details.

Products in the are fully searchable on the website by any users (members and non-members).

This service is open to products that have been created through projects that have been at least partly funded by the EC.

  • Two Star members can register two products a year
  • Three Star members can register an unlimited number of products


Summarising your benefits:

  • create easy access to your products
  • inform relevant stakeholders of your results and outcomes
  • exploit your sustainable project results
  • market your products by targeting network members working in the same or similar fields, as well as to a broader audience.



Register events such as dissemination conferences, training courses, seminars, online events and much more by giving key information such as a full description, how to register and costs. In addition you can upload a logo or image linked to the event as well as a file with further information e.g. a conference programme.

You can then communicate your event to other partners by using the Email Alert system. Events are also fully searchable on the website by any users (members and non-members).

  • Two Star members can register four events a year
  • Three Star members can register an unlimited number of events


Summarising your benefits:

  • reach your target audience in a very efficient way
  • get the relevant people and organisations to participate in your event
  • create a general interest in the work you are involved in
  • announce your events to network members working in the same or similar fields, as well as to a broader audience.

EU Project Expert Database

EU Project Expert - Individuals and Organisations!

Raise your profile as a European project expert by registering your organisation or personal profile with the pool of EU Project Experts. You can attach a file to your entry with more information, such as an organisation description, a CV or a summary of all your project references. By sending an Email Alert you can communicate your EU project experience to E.N.T.E.R. members and promote how you can contribute to new projects or cooperations.

EU Project Experts can be searched for via the homepage and the EU Project Experts page.

Expert status requires having contributed to at least three European projects and having worked in the sector for at least three years.

The Project Expert service is offered in addition to the various membership levels. A membership account of at least One Star (fee) membership is required in order to set up and operate as an EU Project Expert.

Two and Three Star members benefit from discounted prices for this service.

Click here for the price overview. Once you are an E.N.T.E.R. member the registration for this additional service takes place from your member dashboard. The database entry can also be updated at any time via the member dashboard.


Summarising your benefits:

  • find new project opportunities and expand your network of partners with which you can collaborate in the future
  • highlight your professional expertise, the type of future cooperation opportunities you seek, previous projects and language abilities
  • offer your skills and expertise at a European level by accessing a network of European professionals
  • available to both individual experts and expert organisations.



By creating news articles you can tell others about an exciting development in your field of work that may be of interest to other members. Or perhaps you would like to share news of a current issue within Europe that impacts significantly on the implementation of transnational projects. Your news article also allows you to upload a related picture and/or attach a document.

The news service is open to Two and Three Star members, and there is no limit to the number of articles that can be published.


Summarising your benefits:

  • keep your peers informed of relevant news and developments that are of interest to the wider EU project community
  • support your dissemination actions with specific announcements related to your work and activities
  • share your achievements with potential future project partners
  • announce important "save the dates" to a wider audience.


Annual E.N.T.E.R. Conference

For many years E.N.T.E.R. has staged numerous European conferences and networking events focussing on a variety of topics such as:

  • Active European Citizenship
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Learning in later life
  • Communication and networking
  • Project management
  • Dissemination / marketing / PR

The conference will be open to members as well as non-members, and we plan to offer members discounted delegate rates.

We will keep you posted with the news about upcoming events.


Summarising your benefits:

  • establish new connections and partnerships
  • exchange key skills and competences for the effective operation and management of projects for both individual experts and expert organisations
  • learn from the best practice of others
  • engage with network members at a real level.

Further help
If you have any questions about the members services we offer please do contact us.