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As of 1 December 2014, all Members of the Commission are expected to make public all contacts and meetings held with stakeholders and lobbyists. This will be part of the Juncker Commission's Transparency Initiative debated today.


The agreed results will help to put the global economy on a sustainable growth path.


The Commission kicked off the preparation of the 2015 Work Programme, proposed to change the rules for the national contributions to the EU budget and increased support to Ukraine.


Commissioner Hill announced how the Commission intends to bring about a liquid and integrated Capital Markets Union.


The new European Commission under the lead of its President Jean-Claude Juncker held its first meeting in Brussels.


 Juncker Commission group photo © EU

The European Parliament gave its strong support to the new European Commission with 423 votes in favour, 209 against and 67 abstentions.


The EU has proposed a ban on fish imports from Sri Lanka over concerns about illegal fishing. It is satisfied, however, that several other countries are committed to tackling the problem.


The winners of the 2014 EU Prize for Literature have been announced, honouring 13 new and emerging writers from across Europe with a €5000 award.


 Finalists at this year’s EU Contest for Young Scientists awards ceremony in Warsaw © EU

A competition where Europe’s most promising young scientists presented their research projects to an international panel concluded this week at a glittering awards ceremony in Warsaw.


 4 workers walking through EU flags © EU

Improving labour mobility – workers' willingness and ability to switch jobs or move to other regions to work – is crucial for European economies, according to a recent joint Commission-OECD report.


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