New-D Final Multiplier Conference

New-D Final Multiplier Conference

  • Location:
    Graz, Austria
  • Type of event:
  • Duration:
    27.09.2016 - 27.09.2016

Area of activity

  • Education Management
  • Informal Learning
  • Learning Motivation and Barriers
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Target group

  • Learning drop outs
  • Special needs learners
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) learners


On 27 September 2016 the final international conference of the New-D project will be held in Graz/AT hosting not only Austrian partners and stakeholders, but also partners form other European countries. The main topic of this final conference organised by "Jugend am Werk Steiermark" (JaW) in coopration with E.N.T.E.R. will be the presentation of the New-D curriculum and the materials developed for the new didactical approach in initial VET for the target group of young disadvantaged learners. Furhtermore some interesting presentations on the actual situation of drop outs as well as a panel discussion will be organised.

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  • E.N.T.E.R.
  • Austria

registered: 08.09.2016